Programa GammaYolk

The visual appearance, especially the color of both chicken and egg skin, is an important characteristic that often determines consumer choice or rejection. Even a good leg and yolk pigmentation could be reflected in a better selling price in the market.

In poultry farming, the yellow color is strongly associated with a natural feeding of the birds, which connotes health and freshness of the product. However, currently, due to advances in nutrition and genetics, birds consume less food and in some cases are restricted to access from natural sources of pigmentation, so that producers add pigment to the food of the birds to reach the required color For the market.

Despite this, on certain occasions, even using a pigment in the diet, chicken skin or yolk color does not show the desired color.

This occurs mainly by three factors:

a) Type of carotenoid offered to birds and their concentration in the diet.

b) State of health of the bird, given that any disease that reduces food consumption causes a lower intake of carotenoids. In addition, damage to the integrity of the intestinal mucosa decreases the absorption capacity of dietary xanthophylls.

c) Level of fat in the diet, since a correct proportion of it ensures the absorption of carotenoids.

To prevent this situation, the degree of pigmentation that the chickens reach is reached in the field as the time of the extraction approaches. For this, a scale is used according to the color of the tarsus and skin of the chicken or egg yolk that qualifies the different levels of pigmentation according to the intensity. However, many times the rating varies according to the eye of the evaluator, so this measurement becomes subjective, and therefore, is not as reliable.

Gammavet has two yellow pigments:

Gammagold powder and Gammagol LQ (liquid version), both based on 100% natural Xanthophylls with optimal bioavailability.

Gammagold (Powder):

  • High pigmenting power
  • 100% natural Yellow Xanthophyll Extract
  • Stable concentration of 40g / kg
  • Homogenized and saponified> 95%
  • Tested and used throughout Peru

Gammagold LQ:

  • 1.5% Liquid Version
  • 100% natural Yellow Xanthophyll Extract
  • Color enhancer
  • Uniform the color of the skin of the broiler and the yolk of the egg
  • New presentation at IBC x 1000 L

Gammavet is characterized by its differentiated after sales service. For the specific case of Gammagold, a new color measurement tool has recently been implemented, making it available to its customers. It is the first wireless color sensor developed to objectively assess the degree of pigmentation of birds according to the standard required by each customer according to their area of ​​commercialization. Gammavet provides practicality and speed in the delivery of results, guaranteeing their objectivity, and thereby providing opportunities for improvement, since: what is not measured, cannot be improved. This post-sales support made hand in hand with the client, gives them opportunities to improve the quality and, therefore, profitability of the production.


  1. An application available for Android and IOS is downloaded.
  2. The device connects to a mobile via bluetooth.
  3. The color of the surface to be analyzed is scanned.
  4. The results are saved on the mobile.
  5. Gammavet prepares a detailed report with an analysis for each client.